300 runners for marathon

10km runners enduring the harsh terrain during the toughest marathon run in the highlands of Namosi in 2020. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FILE

More than 300 athletes are expected to take part at this Saturday’s Namosi Marathon. Event director Marita Manley said there had been a lot of interest from stakeholders after a successful maiden event in the highlands in 2020.

“We have had more than 300 registrations so far and expecting around the same number of runners to turn up for Saturday’s event,” Manley said.

She added the highlands brought a different vibe which uplifted the expectations from the event.

“Unlike our usual events, the Namosi Marathon brings with it beautiful scenery with miles of untouched nature. In the 2020 event, it was great to see our runners give us positive feedbacks about the race course.”

She added the stage was set for a bigger and better event this year as there was no Namosi Marathon last year because of COVID-19.

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