4pc wage increment – Tropik Wood Industries employees receive boost

Fiji Pine Group CEO Vimlesh Kumar (right) speaks to employees. Picture: SUPPLIED

Tropik Wood Industries employees have received a 4 per cent wage increase.

While announcing the pay rise, Fiji Pine Group of Companies chief executive Vimlesh Kumar said this followed the Fiji Pine Ltd’s (FPL) own increment which was implemented for staff members earlier this year.

“The organisation from the beginning has always looked after the best interest of its workers,” he said. “Every decision that the company has made or took has been envisioned for the future and sustainability of the workforce and business.

“The pandemic was a ‘classic’ example for all the employees of Fiji Pine Group on how the organisation strategised its business goals.”

He said they were proud the Fiji Pine Group sustained employment of all its employees despite being impacted by COVID-19.

“Not only this, during COVID the employees received pay increments and bonuses.”

He said with the rising cost of living, employees needed a pay rise to ensure they could cater for their families.

“Therefore, the 4 per cent wage review which our TWIL and TWPL employees will be receiving will be back paid from January 1, 2022.

“The four per cent back pay is applicable to all hourly paid employees who have more than one year of work service within the industry and the employees whose service is less than one year, their four per cent wage adjustment will be effective from July 1, 2022.”

He added earlier this year, FPL hourly paid workers received a 4 per cent wage increase from January 1.

“In total, approximately 274 hourly paid employees of all our three companies being recognised by the company with a 4 per cent increase in their wage review.”

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