A hole in the pocket; high fuel prices affect small boat operators

Fuel nozzle. Picture: FT FILE

High fuel prices are burning a hole in our pockets, says small boat operators at the Nasali Landing in Rewa.

Kavikini Vutuutu said the rise in fuel prices and the high cost of food affected all boat operators.

“Now that fuel prices have gone up, we have moved up the charge from $1 to $1.50 per person,” the father of four said.

“Sometimes I don’t charge people the new $1.50 charge and they just give me $1 because they can’t afford it, especially the small children.”

The sole breadwinner said the increase in food prices had worsened his financial woes.

Another small boat operator Napolioni Ragitawa says the high price of fuel is affecting not just the small boat operators, but children who cross the river daily to go to school.

“We don’t earn much because people cannot afford to pay more,” he said.

“Our children suffer the most so we hope authorities will look into ways to decrease the cost of fuel.”

The 62-year-old added training for young boat operators should be conducted for the youths in Rewa.

“We are asking for training for the young ones so they can get their licence and earn a living.” f fuel

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