Chess youngsters impress

Dissanayake Isinda competes in the 2023 May Under-1800 Weekender Tournament in Suva yesterday. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Fiji Chess Federation general secretary and volunteer Goru Arvind said he was impressed with the number of young children that competed at the 2023 May Under-1800 Weekender Tournament that was held in Suva over the past three days.

The tournament was held in commemoration of Ratu Josefa Lalabalavu Vanayaliyali Sukuna – Ratu Sukuna Day was celebrated yesterday.

“Just really happy to see a lot of young children come out and participate in the tournament. This tells us that the future for chess in the country will be very bright in the coming years,” Arvind said.

There were more than 30 participants who competed in the tournament that was held at the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee.

“We just want to thank the parents of these children as well, for allowing them to come and become part of something special.

“Chess is a very minor sport in Fiji, but we are hoping to change that and influence more people to join.”

He also mentioned there were a number of talented youngsters who had the potential of representing the country in overseas competitions in the future.

“I have seen a number of very talented chess players among the young children, who look like future national reps.

“That’s why we are happy to have many young ones here today because we can develop them to become the best and represent the country.”

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