Contact Commissioner West for assistance, says Karan

PEOPLE affected by the floods and tropical cyclones who have not received any assistance in terms of access to basic needs such as food and drinking water in the Western Division should immediately contact the Commissioner Western’s office.

This was the word from permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Yogesh Karan.

“This also applies to those who are in urgent need of medical assistance and those who have elderly persons and children who need immediate help,” he said.

“If there is no response from the Commissioner Western’s office, then they can always contact the PM’s office and we will try to assist those in urgent need.”

Mr Karan said the National Disaster Management Office was working closely with the Commissioner Western’s office to ascertain where the immediate needs lay.

“People need to take into consideration that the floods had made a lot of areas inaccessible and as a result, there could have been instances where information about certain communities were not made available to us.

Political parties and individuals on social media had made claims that Government’s response in the aftermath of TCs Josie and Keni and the associated flood events had been slow and unco-ordinated.

In the aftermath of TC Keni, 273 evacuation centres across the country housed 14,551 evacuees.

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