Food security program to equip villagers

Villagers in Nacula, Yasawa, engage in food security programs hosted by FRIEND Fiji. Picture: SUPPLIED

Fifty-three Naisisili villagers in Nacula,Yasawa, took part in a food security program by FRIEND Fiji in their efforts to help the community adapt to the rising cost of living.

According to the NGO, the program was run by agriculture experts Veresa Fung and Brian Charitar from Fung’s Farm.

“During the week our team visited schools in Nacula Village to follow up on food security program and Fung’s Farm was contracted to conduct training in four villages to help improve soil conditions for improved food security on the maritime island,” the NGO stated.

Nacula district spokesperson Lavenia Naivalu said they were extremely grateful to the non-profit organisation for holding the training sessions for their people.

“During COVID it was very evident that we needed to be able to be self sustainable especially when there was no way for us to access the mainland to get supplies,” she said.

“So it was very important for us to implement such programs so that our people would not be affected if something like this happens again.”

She said the rising cost of living was another challenge that people in rural and maritime communities had to contend with.

“Life is getting difficult especially for the disadvantaged.

“With the rise in fuel costs and food prices on top of people still trying to recover from the pandemic we have to be able to be self sufficient. Food security programs as such come at a very important time and we have to embrace them.

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