Foreign investment interest noted

Fijian Immigration Department new Director, Amelia Kotobalavu Komaisavai. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

The Fiji Immigration Department has noted an upward trend in foreign visitors showing interest to invest locally.

Acting Immigration director Amelia Komaisavai noted this during the Fiji-New Zealand, New Zealand-Fiji Business Council’s annual conference in Nadi.

“Fiji Immigration is facilitating investment permits on business projects approved by Investment Fiji so during the period of 2018-2019, a total of 123 applications received with 170 comes with extensions of those permits,” Ms Komaisavai said.

“On the same period in 2021- 2022, a total 115 applications were received and 76 were extended.

“In analysing this data, we have identified an upward trend meaning that most investors are showing interest to Fiji and this data of the same period is similar for the period of 2018 2019 and 2021 2022.”

Ms Komaisavai explained that all interested investors, New Zealand investors tended to show more interest in the tourism industry.

She said that as we were now in post-COVID-19 period and businesses were having confidence in investing in Fiji by reopening business and starting a new business.

“Assessing the overall application received, the most received is from the tourism industry on the resort, short-term accommodation and other related tourism activities such as provision of transport, mainland resorts, diving.

“Apart from tourism, other industry includes agriculture, construction, real estate, and restaurants.

“It’s worth mentioning at this juncture that we offer pathways for migration for our investors on the basis that support economic to support investment in priority sectors in Fiji and at the same time we protect domestic industries and also the trigger effect to support the economic and social benefits of the people.”

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