Hill to host Nadi fights

Fiji's top amateur boxer Winston Hill won his fight against world champion Lyndel Marcellin of St Lucia this afternoon in Australia. Picture: FT FILE

Fiji's top amateur boxer Winston Hill. Picture: FT FILE

The Lewis Hill Boxing Promotion will have its first event in Nadi in July.

This has been confirmed by promoter Winston Hill after two successful promotions in Suva.

Hill was overwhelmed with the response from fans at his last event in Suva last Saturday.

“It was a good show. Good turnout. Started on a good note during Mohammed Ali and Eddie Tuwai bout that set the high tempo. Then we had the girls, who put on a good show,” Hill said.

“The Samoan guys showcased what their hard work has been put into.”

Hill said the referee’s decision to stop the main bout between Joseph Kwadjo and Isikeli Senidoko may have raised some questions, but it was a 50 /50 call and the referee did what he thought was right.

“The crowd and I self-wanted to see more of it. We wanted to see more action. Senidoko was dropped and he was able to recover. These guys exchanged some heavy punches, and this is what the main bout is about.

“The referee’s job is to ensure the safety of all boxers.

“The referee is closest to the action and if he felt that Senidoko was in danger it was his call for the safety of the boxer.”

Hill also confirmed that both parties have agreed to a re-match and the possibility of this happening in his next promotion in July is very high.

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