LDS maps zone plans

Athletes pose for the camera during the Fiji Latter-Day Saints Church College interhouse at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Suva’s Latter Day Saints College is looking for a good outing at the upcoming Zone One competition — and the May Coca-Cola Games.

While most schools preparing for the biggest secondary school athletics meet are focusing on physical training regimes, LDS is taking a different path.

They held workshops to ensure teachers and students understood the Fiji Secondary School’s Athletics Association’s rules which have taken many aspiring athletes out of competition in the past.

Yesterday the school held its inter-house at the HFC Bank Stadium, with the teachers and students adding to the excitement with cheers and songs from the grandstand.

Sports co-ordinator Flora Dakuiyawa said they took a break last year to train the teachers and students on the competition rules.

She said the break was also used to get teachers to familiarise themselves with the training organised by Athletics Fiji and other sporting organiations.

Dakuiyawa said they hoped the upskilling of the teachers would help them prepare better for this year’s Coca-Cola Games.

The school’s top bet for this year’s games, Vilikesa Rokolekutu Namalo, 18, says he will take to the tracks for the 400m and 200m to win gold.

LDS has 50 students competing in the zone competition and Dakuiyawa hopes they all meet the criteria and qualify for the Coca-Cola Games after the zone competition.

The Saints will be giving it all as they are coming in as underdogs.

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