Netball Fiji welcomes Test plan

Netball Fiji head coach Una Rokoura. Picture: FT FILE

Netball Fiji will have a tough task in selecting the 18-member squad for the World Cup qualifiers next month.

Head coach Unaisi Rokoura said their recent matches had provided the platform for her to choose her 18-member squad for the World Cup qualifiers in July.

“It was a good run for the Fiji Pearls’ extended squad and this is what builds up matches supposed to be,” she said.

“We had this opportunity to try out our different combinations and the girls are aware with what is expected.

“The players who are able to perform, able to show to us that they want to be in that final squad.

“Leading up to the qualifiers this Test match gave us what the players were capable as we want the best Pearls to play here in Fiji knowing that we are ready.”

She said they were able to do some of their game plans and to work on their inconsistency.

“We need to work on our weaknesses before the games in July.”

She said it was a whole new experience for them playing against a tough team such as Singapore and selecting the players to represent the country.

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