Residents voice flooding concerns

Ritesh Kumar showing his damaged driveway caused by the over flow of the Vatuyalewa Pumping Station in Tovata Nasinu yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Residents of Vatuyalewa Settlement, Nasinu, are calling on the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to install a cut-off system at the Vatuyalewa Pump Station in Makoi.

The urgent plea by residents came amid claims that tank overflow was causing localised flooding.

Resident Ritesh Kumar claimed they were being inconvenienced by the flooding.

“Every morning and every evening the water tank gets full and starts overflowing leading to the area getting flooded,” the 33-year-old said.

“I can’t take my vehicle to my home because of flooding, so we have to walk all the way down to our place.

“It’s better to put a cut-off pump system so that when the tank is full, it can automatically close the tank.

“It’s only $200 and they cannot even afford that.”

He said he had spent around $600 in the past few months on repairs to their road.

“The water overflow is damaging the road and we have to repair it — just a week ago I spent $200 to buy damaged cement blocks to fill the potholes.

“It is also causing erosion so big trucks and even taxis don’t want to come inside.

“The road was flooded last week so I had to take my children to school in a taxi and one way costs around $10 which is too much for my family to bear.”

Another resident, Joana Coka, expressed similar sentiments. She said the water tank overflow resulted in road deterioration and led to students crossing flooded roads at times.

Questions sent to the WAF in relation to the residents’ claims remain unanswered when this paper went to press.

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