Saneem: One more round

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem responds to questions from the media. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says nationwide voter registration may be extended because they are not aware of the election date. At a news conference in Suva yesterday, he said they would soon make the announcement.

“We may be looking at a nationwide voter registration drive — details to be announced soon — and to commence again one more round,” Mr Saneem said.

“We will be doing so because we don’t know the election date.

“The Fijian Elections Office is manoeuvring itself very strategically so that we will remain within the clear days.”

He said they would cease voter registrations around the country and across the world once the writ of election was issued.

“As you know, as soon as the writ is issued, there will be a time by when the voter registration will cease and that is when the Fijian Elections Office staff will stop doing registrations.

“So complications are — to send a team, say to the United States and the writ says the voter registration is to close at 6pm in Fiji, that means we must make sure that the team stops registration before 6pm wherever they are in the world.

“Any registration that is done at 6.01pm will not be accepted.

“So we have to be very careful about this to ensure that only those who are correctly enrolled before the close of registration are able to vote.”

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