Singing from the heart – Duikete ready to make a name for herself

Kaylia Duikete sings at the FPRA recording studio. Picture: JONA KONATACI

For Kaylia Duikete, music is her favourite form of escape and it helped her through the COVID-19 pandemic. She began writing original songs when she was 10 years old.

“Growing up, music was always my outlet,” the 18-year-old Nadi resident said.

“Kind of an escape from day-to-day life. During COVID-19 that was how I was trying to cope. I did a bit of singing in the choir, and a few student conventions. That was where my passion for music grew.”

Apart from singing, Duikete models, and is a competitive swimmer.

“I’m the only one in my family who showed interest in music. Everyone else is divers and into the ocean life.”

Duikete said she was asleep when she received a call from Erica Lee, one of the organisers of the Domo Vou Talei song contest.

“I could not believe what she was saying. “I was overjoyed because my hard work finally paid off. I have a SoundCloud account and I would post original music there and on my Instagram. But I would take it down a week later because I did not think it would really grow and get this far.”

Duikete’s original song ‘Memories’ was about a close friend’s relationship experience.

“She was going through a bad breakup and I wanted to be able to challenge myself emotionally and creatively. So I had used her experience, and that was my inspiration for writing her song.

“I started using beats on YouTube as a guide. That was how I timed my song. I made my music on downloaded apps using my phone and laptop.’

‘ Duikete said she hoped to learn from living music legends at the Fiji Performing Rights Association.

“This opportunity comes once in a lifetime and I feel this was the start of my confidence. “To be able to enter more music competitions in the future, now that I know I have made it this far.

“The Woodstock Uprising Music Festival is a good platform to showcase my talent. It’s also a bridge to international viewing from other countries.”

Duikete’s advice to upcoming musicians is “take every opportunity that comes your way”.

“Don’t let fear stop you from doing something that you love. If you have a passion for music, it’s something that you need to get out there. Be confident in yourself and your craft.”

Duikete said the prizemoney of $5000 courtesy of The Fiji Times and $3000 from Westpac for the People’s Choice Award was a good investment.

The Fiji Times is a sponsor of Domo Vou Talei, along with Westpac, Australian High Commission, FPRA, Communications Fiji Ltd and Knox Entertainment.

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