Waisega savors Fijiana 15s call

Fijiana team player Sulita Waisega during the training at Buckhurst park yesterday. Picture: RAMA

Netherlands-based Fijiana 15s player Sunita Waisega, 18, is happy to be a part of the national squad and cherishes the experience.

“Playing in the Netherlands, there was not much competition, so I decided to take part with the boys,” said Waisega.

“Playing with them helped me understand the game more faster because it is fast paced which helped me become a better player.”

She agreed to be a part of the national squad when she was contacted by coach Senirusi Seruvakula.

“I had always wanted to play for Fiji and I said yes right away. I did not know what to do after my time playing in the boys’ competition in the Netherlands. I am happy to be in the country and be part of this squad. The weather is a bit hot here compared to the Netherlands.”

Watching the Fijiana Drua play in the Super W competition motivated Waisega.

“I look up to Bitila Tawake and she has been very outstanding.”

With the Oceania Rugby Women’s 15s Championship next month in Auckland, New Zealand, Waisega said it would be a proud moment for her if she is selected to take part in the Championship. Seruvakula is expected to trim his squad before they depart for Auckland on Wednesday July 6.

“This is the second week of training and it is great to have the whole squad together,” said Seruvakula.

“We will be taking 28 players to the Oceania Championship and there are a lot of new players in the team.”

Fijiana will take on Papua New Guinea on Saturday July 9 at Massey Park at 5pm in their first match of the Oceania Rugby Women’s 15s Championship.

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