When death opens doors

Rohini Kumar at her stall at the seawall in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

The end of all things is death. It comes in many ways to human beings, and in the end brings grief, sorrow and a longing for loved ones who have passed.

However, death also brings new life and purpose, opening doors and windows of opportunities.

Death visited 65-year-old Rohini Kumar’s door 17 years ago when her son passed away. Every day without him was painful, but in her grief, she sought refuge outside her house.

“My son passed away and I was alone,” Kumar said.

“When I sat in my house, I would be very sad. But, when I went into my garden, I was happy.”

Today, Kumar, who was a stay at home mother before her son’s death, is a fully-fledged florist. She now only engages is something she loves, but also earns an income to help out at home and those in need.

“I’m earning and I don’t have to ask money from my husband,” she said.

” I give money to my family who are poor and give money to the people who have pets but can’t feed them.”

Kumar’s journey with grief led her to learn a new craft and pass on the knowledge.

“Students from FNU would come to me to learn about flowers. I have taught about 15 to 20 students. I taught them how to plant and graft flowers. I also taught them how to look after anthuriums and orchids.”

Despite having limited space at home, she continues to import flowers to grow her business.

“My compound is small but when you walk in there are lots of flowers. It’s not a big space but I’m getting good income from it. I spend $30,000 to import both orchid and anthurium.”

Being resilient in her loss pushed her to endure. When her flowers don’t sell, she remains hopeful.

“Business is slack right now. We get $10 or $15 in a day .After election it will pick up especially when the festive season is around the corner.”

She is planning to retire soon and has been thinking of handing over the reigns to her daughter-in-law.

“I’m getting old. My daughter-in-law has been helping me. She will take over and I know she will do a good job.”

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